Do you travel?

Yes, we do travel. However, the client is responsible for airfare, hotel and car rental.

How many pictures will we receive?

The number of photos you will receive will depend on wedding size and hours of coverage.  Each event is different.

Do you have insurance?


Can you provide our venue with a Certifice of Insurance (COI)?

Absolutely!  You must let us know at least one month prior to your wedding date if your venue requires an COI.  We will gladly coordinate with our insurance carrier.

How soon do you need the agreement back? When do you need the retainer fee by?  When is the balance due?

If you wish to book us for your wedding, you must send the agreement back to us as soon as possible along with your retainer.  You will not be booked until the agreement and retainer is received by us.  Once received, you will receive a call from us to confirm.  The balance will be due two weeks prior to your event date. 

Can we pay you the day of or after the wedding?

No.  Everything must be paid in full prior to your event date.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes. We work with a lighting assistant.

How many photographers will be working at our wedding?

ou will have two photographers on your wedding date.  Becky and Katy will work unobtrusively on your date making it pleasant for you and your guests. 

How soon will we receive the finish product?

Please allow six to eight weeks after your event date to receive the finished product.  All of your images will be edited one by one with much care.

How will my images be provided?

A USB with high-resolution digital negatives will be sent to the bride and groom.   Clients will have the limited right to make and use copies of the digital images provided, for their own use in e-mail and on personal web pages.  Client will not make copies for sale or for the purpose of circumventing the sale of images by Beka Photography, nor will the client authorize any reproductions of the images for commercial use or for photographic competition or display.  Beka Photography will furnish the client with a written release, which will allow the client to make copies, prints and other reproductions for personal, non-commercial use and distribution.  Beka Photography retains copyright in all images created and will have the right to make reproductions for portfolio samples, self-promotion, and professional competition.

Would you work extra hours on the wedding date?

If asked, we can work extra hours, however, an additional rate will take effect upon such request.

Do you grant special requests?

We can consider special requests but depends on what the request is.  However, it must be discussed prior to your wedding date not the date of.  All concerns MUST be addressed prior to your wedding date.

Do you do video?

We do not do video but we do have videographers whom we work with.