Event Photography - West New York, NJ -- Eileen & Jose Roca Babyshower

The setting was superb for the mother and father to be.  It was beautifully decorated for the amazing couple and the little munchkin on the way by Miguel Fernandez, owner of Basico Design. Every detail was well thought out.  The room screamed “It’s a Girl” the minute you walked in.  Shades of pink and white graced the space.  We specially loved the candy table, which included a selection of jellybeans, almonds, marshmallows and the like.  What we loved most was the arrangement at the center of the table, which perfectly harmonized the space.  And, of course, the live background music. 

The room was filled with incredible energy both from the parents-to-be to their respective families.  We felt perfectly at home from the first photo we took.  We were embraced immediately by these lovely families. 

Although it was a hard day for the mother-to-be, she glowed with happiness and enthusiasm as she walked into the room with her hubby and greeted their guests.  Their expressions were priceless.  Every minute of their event was full of laughter and cheer.  The best part of it all was that they did not have to wait long after the shower to have their precious baby girl in their arms.  On Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 they welcomed their little bundle of joy, Eliana Valentina Roca.     

It is always such a delight to photograph an event like this.  The love, laughter and excitement was spread through every inch of the room.  Congrats to the Roca Family!! 

If you are not familiar with Miguel’s work, you should check it out at 


Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.....

WPPI 2013

Attending WPPI 2013 was such a wonderful and rewarding experience for us. Our Plus class with Marcus Bell from Studio Impressions was superb. Marcus shared with us some insights about composition, editing, lighting and very important aspects of his photography business. Aside from all the learning we did throughout the three days we were there (yes, only three days!! L), we met some of the most amazing people. We were so bummed that we were there for such a short amount of time but there is always next year and we will plan better. Not only did we learn from our speaker/educator but we also learned so much from other talented photographers who attended the class. It was extremely exciting to share those three days with such AMAZING and inspiring people. We got back home refreshed and full of optimism with a huge desire to grow as photographers. We were inspired by each and every one of you. Thank you for all the words of encouragement.

Marcus Bell - Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all us. Your work is extremely beautiful and you gracefully portray your love for photography in every image you take. Congratulations on receiving 1st place in the wedding category at the WPPI International Photography Awards.

To those of you who are not familiar with Marcus’ work please visit his website at http://studioimpressions.com.au/home/.

It’s truly amazing how thousands of photographers from all over the world come together for this convention once a year.  Not to mention that everyone is so nice and willing to share what they know with you.  It showed us a different perspective of the photography community.  We also had the pleasure to meet Roberto Valenzuela through Crystal Skrupski.  We got to see him in action during the print competitions.

Here are a few images from our adventure at Ghost Town, Nevada:

Shortly after this picture was taken, Sean confessed that he thought Katy and I were a 'cute couple'.  That totally made our day.

Gotcha Crystal...by the way, loved the shot you got of my here.

Tommy Von Huynh - Thank you for the mini shoot at the convention center.  Next year we'll go out to the desert to shoot with you. 

Photo courtesy of Tommy Von Huynh:

Thank you all for the unforgettable memories.  You guys made the trip incredible.  In fact, it was so great that we felt empty as we boarded our plane back to New York City.  We are looking forward to more good times and laughter next year.

We would also like to mention our very talented friends.  You should also check out their work:

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Wedding & Portrait Photographers - NYC Session with Venae Fowler

We met Venae on our way home from Manhattan.  We would see each other everyday and just smile until the day we had a full conversation, at which time a beautiful friendship was born.  Venae is full of charisma and is gracefully comical.  She is a Model/Actress, Fashion Blogger and Modeling Consultant.  She's also the mother of two beautiful children and a great wife.  Thank you for letting us photograph you.  We must also give credit to our very talented friend Kristy Collado, owner of Chejo Jewelry for facilitating the beautiful pieces Venae is wearing and our makeup artist, Tania Vargas.

Wedding & Portrait Photographers - Susana Mercedes

Susan asked us to photograph her for her 40th birthday.  I must say that we had a blast with her.  Not only is she amazing in front of the camera but she is an incredible person from head to toe.  She is a phenomenal woman in every sense of the word.   I must add that she is also a half marathon runner.  So proud of you my friend.  Here are some images of the our day with Susan.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!!

Wedding & Portrait Photographers - A stroll in NYC

New York City is such a wonderful place to photograph any subject or any occasion.  Each corner you turn has tremendous possibilities and is rich with character.  It was a pleasure to photograph this AMAZING young lady.  She has wit, style and a great future ahead of her.  Cheers to you Marshalee.

Wedding & Portrait Photographers -- Massapequa, NY - Andrew & Keli

There is nothing more wonderful and delightful in a couple than showing true devotion and love for one another.  Andrew & Keli did exactly that.  Their simplicity made their wedding a one of a kind event.  Keli did not wear make up because she knew she would cry throughout the day and boy did she!  She had the sexiest wedding dress ever and walked in barefoot.  Andrew looked at his gorgeous bride as she walked down the aisle in complete awe.  It was the perfect backyard wedding.  Congrats guys.  You are a superb couple.